Tuesday photo challenge:Radiant

This week's photo challenge is Radiant. Radiant is the act of sending out light, shining or glowing brightly, and I think my photo shows this perfectly. Sunrise in Plymouth, Devon. This photo was taken while walking my faithful four legged friend before work in the height of summer 2018. This photo shows the wonder of … Continue reading Tuesday photo challenge:Radiant


A history voyage with Leo

Today's peregrination did not go as planned... Our expedition was supposed to be a tour of the Tintagel island where the statue of King Arthur stands. From here we were going to send you through a portal of time and tell you a few story tales of King Arthur in Tintagel.... but the island was … Continue reading A history voyage with Leo

Man sands – berry head – brixham harbour

This was a tough trek!, I was itching to get out this morning, knowing full well that the weather wasn't going to be great down here in the south west of England. I woke up and kept an eye on the dark skies and how quickly they were passing over, I do read local weather … Continue reading Man sands – berry head – brixham harbour

Spoilt myself with adventure goodies…

This week I have spent a pretty Pennie on amazon getting some absolute essentials for my adventures and of course for my running and cycling hobbies!! So much so, I have spent most of the week breaking in my appendage that I worked so hard to acquire that I had to have a little rave … Continue reading Spoilt myself with adventure goodies…

8 hours of mischief with Mali

Another day another adventure.... This week has been a slow adventure seeking experience due to the absolutely poor British weather but also the fact I was studying for my airman's exam to get into the RAF... well I can tell you that I smashed the paper, even though I could not even remember how to … Continue reading 8 hours of mischief with Mali

Who the hell is this?!

​I was going to title this first personal blog of mine ‘what’s my name, bitch?’ But I thought that might be slightly inappropriate to say the least 🤣.... But ‘bitch’ my name is Natalie and I am a Mechanical engineer living in the coastal city of Plymouth in Devon. I am currently studying a foundation degree … Continue reading Who the hell is this?!

The beginning.:.

Hello fellow adventure seekers.... Today I figured that I should start a new venture... one that makes myself and others feel free and spirited by sharing my experiences from my travels:. This blog will give others advice or simply a new and exciting opportunity to get out and live in today... so thank you for … Continue reading The beginning.:.