Who the hell is this?!

I was going to title this first personal blog of mine ‘what’s my name, bitch?’ But I thought that might be slightly inappropriate to say the least 🤣….

But ‘bitch’ my name is Natalie and I am a Mechanical engineer living in the coastal city of Plymouth in Devon.

I am currently studying a foundation degree in mechanical engineering, and hopefully one day I can use this to jump into the big wide world and use my knowledge to help create a engineering miracle. But until then I will be finding some of the most secret escapes to explore and push every boundary I have to engage my world life experiences and open up my mind to people, culture, living things and of course engineering foundations.

Just in case you wanted to put a face to my name,  you can check out the picture of me below with a random horse (Ontario) who i went riding with on Dartmoor in spring 2019. 

Your probably thinking ‘Another blogger’… and .. well you are probably right, but what you have to remember is everyone sees the world differently, other travel bloggers may experience a part of the world that inspires them to write a post describing what they saw as a ultimate blessing… and I will surely be adding to this, not just to inspire others but to use this blog as a successful tool in which readers can teach me a few ropes and maybe I can teach all you a few things too! 

The best thing about my blog is I will show you a part of my world, and how I see colours blooming from the rocks on a cloudy day. 

The picture above was a moment of peace and quiet on the South West Coastal Path from Sutton Point, where I sat and read my book for hours without any sunscreen on… You can put the picture together of what I looked like when I walked back to the car…..

To really understand and get an insight in to why I started this blog now, and not years ago when I should have….

6 months ago I lost my best friend Hatton, he was the most loyal, loving and protective dog anyone could of asked for, and even though his 14 years were shorter than we wanted, we did see some spectacular places and made some amazing memories. But we didn’t take enough pictures or document our discoveries, and here i am sat thinking why?

 I could be reading about all the disastrous moments where we got lost and had to run from angry cows and say, ‘o Hatton, that was an interesting day.’ Sooooooo… Here we are making that right for the future me and readers who want to read a blog of ‘don’t follow in my footsteps, but learn my lessons’….

Just look at that beautiful face! O the memories we made, RIP my boy (12\02\2004 – 27\12\2018)

Our dream was to scale most of the south west coastal path and even trek the highest heights of Europe in our imaginary van…. but we only succeeded on 10% of this dream. 14 years came and went and we thought we had more time, but work, family commitments and our thought of eternal life stripped us of this opportunity.

But not all is lost! I might not be able to do this with my faithful friend but I can complete this journey with the help of all you, my friends, family and of course any precious dogs that I might borrow along the way, which let’s face it, Hatton was a stud and had many friends, in which I do prize out of their owners arms to take on adventures with me ☺️….

Yep….. Just look at these. Now I feel like I need to find friends just too get a photo where we look this good 👍

As you can probably tell, I am not the best at writing… and I probably have a lot to learn so please 👏… feel free to drop me a message and tell me your thoughts 💭… 

Much love to you all and let’s adventure into the unknown….


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