8 hours of mischief with Mali

Another day another adventure….

This week has been a slow adventure seeking experience due to the absolutely poor British weather but also the fact I was studying for my airman’s exam to get into the RAF…

well I can tell you that I smashed the paper, even though I could not even remember how to do 2 + 2! So I guess my lucky dip skills are on point!👌….

So after this week I thought it would be a nice chance to stretch my legs along the Wembury coastal path to celebrate with my little friend Mali!

Just look at that face 😍….

To be fair she has sooooo much energy… more than any dog I have taken on an adventure and she certainly put me through my paces, but I was a good challenge for me and well return her home to her Mum well exercised and well fed!

I picked Mali up late afternoon after I had finished a day at work, and was really stuck between being cold In shorts or sweating my tits off with trousers, as the weather was just not making its mind up!

But after carful consideration, it’s summer after all so I will be cracking out my pearly whites.

We arrived at Wembury! The sun was just poking through so I was optimistic that we would get a really good hike in!

Views from Wembury car park

Walking through the wooded path near Newton Ferrers

Mali and me walked through the wilderness, following the path to Newton Ferrers, along the wooded path and back up through the farmland to the top of Wembury village.

Here is a basic map to give you an indication, and if you were wondering why I didn’t make the full loop, I did… this map just stopped recording as I was in active for too long and as many of you have probably guessed I was sat in a pub enjoying a local (ish) beer and some well earned grub…

The pub I went to was The Odd Wheel, this is situated in the heart of Wembury village and is a lovely little pub for both locals and wanderers, they are friendly and helpful and if you have a pupper the locals will swarm them for a little fuss.


If you want to read up on the reviews or location for a visit follow the above link..

I was overly pleased with my meal and the service. I went for the vegetarian option of Mediterranean lasagne and it was exceptional 👌…

Mmmm… I could just have it all over again!

It was a lovely local afternoon walk with my little ball of energy and I certainly found a few path ways to explore in the future, as I have walked this path many times but by no means did I realise that I could go more than one route!

The path has been sign posted well over the past few years so pick a route and follow the signs and you can’t get lost!

I took the lower loop path, as it was the longest but there is plenty of choice for easier routes and less miles!

I have set myself a few challenges this year in which I am sure you will be made aware of soon! However if your also a local check out this route! If you really wanted a relaxing day follow the signs to warren point, there is a small path down to a secluded beach. Take a picnic and enjoy the peace and quiet 🤫….

Happy adventures!

Love Mali and Me


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