24 hours of adventures with Margery Carlin-Dymott

What an exciting 24 hours it has been! I knew I was going to endure the trip to Saint Michael’s Mount on this sunny Sunday but little did I know that my trustee sidekick Marge was going to join me 🀭🀭….

While I spent 8 whole hours breaking a sweat at work trying to find a little pupper to join me on my excursion, with no luck on my side, I spent the last hour of my money making hobby, sulking… it didn’t matter that I was going alone but I really set myself the goal of having some fun loving woofer join me!

As I sat sipping the last dregs of my black syrup that was close enough to coffee as I could get… I had some πŸ’‘ moment…. what about the lovely Margery! It didn’t matter that she lived in Weymouth over 100 miles from where I lived?! … but after staring at my phone longingly I finally got a reply from her loving parents… and as crazy as I am the minute I clocked out I was in the car taking the long road trip to the coastal town of Weymouth to pick up my travel buddy for 24 hours πŸ•β€οΈ…

Meet Margery Carlin-Dymott

After a long drive there and back we finally landed back in Plymouth… we felt like we were naughty teenagers having a sleep over.. and it sure felt like it when we spent hours chasing each other in the local park, playing in our pyjamas wondering who could do the best hand stand on the bed as well as watching scary movies with popcorn and ice cream to the very early hours of the morning 😯….

Even though we were determined to play some more, I knew that if we didn’t get some sleep, we would both be suffering on our adventures the following day.

Finally we turned the lights off…. it wasn’t long before we were both snoring, with only one of us getting woken up in the middle of the night as the fluffy monster thought that it would be a delightful memory that her furry feet would make it into my mouth πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ… however, as surprised as I was it didn’t take me long to nod back off….

0600 🚨

Now who wouldn’t want to wake up to a face like this knowing full well she got away with murder all night ☺️…

But all in all the day was here! We were going off to catch the train from Plymouth to Penzance the beginning of out adventures… Admittedly I would normally drive everywhere, but when it comes to Cornwall, the train is the best option, why? Because it’s Β£11 pounds return… And it saves me driving 4 hours when we could be naughty and stuff our faces with cake and nap the rest of the way 🀣… but if anyone else decides to endure on this journey it is a peaceful way to relax with a book and a cup of coffee while overlooking some incredible Cornish views ❀️.

Just look at that little face ….

Even though the train journey was 2 hours long… it flew by… we landed in the sunny Cornish coast of Penzance at 11.01.

Once in Penzance we could stretch our legs along the stunning coastal path, it is a 2 1/2 mile walk but is perfectly flat with some small dips that lead to the beach but is an easy path to walk..

Marge is just lazy, the path is relatively easy I swear!

It took us about an hour to reach the little seaside town of Marazion. That’s only because we both dawdled and Marge wanted to look out into the English Channel with awe and pretend that I wasn’t shouting he name.

But as I very well know not everyone is a lover of walking and their is a bus that goes from Penzance rail station to the heart of Marazion and will take 10 minutes but then you do miss out on all the natural beauty!

But we arrived in Marazion within perfect timing of Lunch 😍….

I was recommended to visit The Fire Engine Inn which was located on the other side of town but for ease there is many pubs and bars and little cafes along the stretch of the coastal path and the towns sea front.

But… if you don’t mind the extra walk I would recommend visiting The Fire Engine Inn!! When I arrived I stood outside thinking it just looks like any other pub and was cursing my friend who recommended it, as I had walked past 4 pubs smelling of glorious food and I was famished…. but I was here now so why not try it …. well I can assure you this was the best decision I have ever made to actually listen to someone’s recommendation’s because that Sunday Roast was the best Roast I have ever had and that is saying something.. I had roast beef and it just melted in my mouth like pure butter and I could not get enough of it!


But whatever your preference,there is plenty of choice for food, drinks, cocktails and ice cream within walking distance of the beach.

After lunch it was time to finally make our way over to Saint Michael’s Mount! I couldn’t contain my excitement while dragging poor Marge back down the hill to the beach…. Saint Michael’s Mount has been on my bucket list for some time and thankful the weather was holding up very well considering …

These pictures just don’t give the island any justice!?

The only problem we faced was that the tide was in… this meant that the causeway was covered in water… we did try and time it so that the tide would have been out by the time we had finished our lunch.. but I guess we just ate well to fast.

So after waiting 15 minutes we didn’t want to wait any longer and so I took of my shoes and socks and attempted to walk along the causeway … not realising how deep it actually was….

As you can see poor Marge was not enjoying the journey as much as me… so I had to carry her the rest of the way .. but as you can see… it was definitely an adventure… especially when everyone started to follow you rather than waiting for the tide.

We finally made it onto the island 🌴… and how very peaceful it was! The sun was shining, the birds were singing and the shops were selling every ice cream flavour going.. I was in heaven! And so was Marge when she realised people were sun bathing with picnic baskets full of goodies πŸ˜‚….

There is so much history to this island, that I wouldn’t want to scare you away by overloading your brain… but you can check out all the exciting stories on their website…


Just to make you aware though, you are not able to go into the gardens or the castle with a dog, but you can still go over to the island and enjoy the sunshine with some history over some lovely tea and cake 🧁!

After engorging our faces with some incredible artery clogging goodies we wandered back over to the mainland and back along the coastal path to catch our train back to Plymouth… we are both knackered and have been well fed with both food and knowledge and it has definitely been a worthy adventure… but not all is over… I have still yet to take the Madame back to Weymouth πŸ˜…πŸ˜…… who’s idea was it to trek half way across the country just to have a doggy adventure day πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ… but it would not have been the same without her….

Hope you all enjoyed the read and tag 🏷 yourself to this post if you have experienced this adventure and have some extra tips and tricks!

Just a few of my favourite photos of the day 🌍🌴❀️…

Thank you Marge for the adventure, and thank you Kat and Zoe for entrusting her in my care 🀭🀣…. β€οΈπŸ’š


2 thoughts on “24 hours of adventures with Margery Carlin-Dymott

  1. It is stunning! I will be spending more time there over the next few months! So if there is any other places that you recommend feel free to send me a list 😊….

    And thank you, I wish she was my dog but she is a friends, I lost mine a few months ago and so I am currently dragging my friends woofers along with me 😊..

    Thank you for a lovely comment


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