Spoilt myself with adventure goodies…

This week I have spent a pretty Pennie on amazon getting some absolute essentials for my adventures and of course for my running and cycling hobbies!!

So much so, I have spent most of the week breaking in my appendage that I worked so hard to acquire that I had to have a little rave about them on here!…

So here it goes…

My favourite item that I bought this week,were a pair of trail running trainers.


I bought these trainers, as I have quite a few hiking challenges set. Including the Snowdon challenge, which includes a 17km cycle, 7km hike and a 4km kayak tour… this meant that I needed an all round pair of trainers that would cope with the stress… and OMG I fell in love, for the first time in a long time, I have not had knee and lower back pain when walking on hard terrain and up hill… so big kudos for these….

The next item was a pair of running trainers, personally the ones I currently wear, are absolutely fine I just got carried away and thought..

Hmmm yes, another pair for spare πŸ€”…


Well as you can see from the link… what an unbelievable price… in fact I bought two pairs… once I tried these out with a 6 mile run last Thursday, I knew I better get a spare pair..

I have what everyone calls, difficult feet.. they become very painful around the joints and ankle, as well as suffering some serious blisters! And so when I ran comfortably last week with little discomfort and only one blister (success!), I felt that I was on to a real winner with this purchase of the century, especially considering my usual running shoes are more than 7 times this price!!

After splashing on some dazzling footwear, I thought why not go full out 😡🀨….

The following items, I already have and didn’t particularly need, but I thought I would have a freshen up and feel like the bees knees when I am out and about!


I also bought,


(Some new headphones)


(New running armband- as my old one smelt a bit funky!)


(New backpack bladder) these are fantastic when you are on a long run/hike or even racking up some serious cycling miles!


(Running socks!) these are fantastic if you have terrible feet like mine! They cushion and support your feet.

And finally….


(Hydration tablets) I can no longer live without these! I just drop one tablet in my water bottle when I am on the go! That way my body gets fuel so I can really excel πŸ‘ŒπŸ’ͺ….

So there you have it, a little insight into living in the life of Liggett adventures, if only I was sensible enough to spend some money on my bike!

After the week I had, I thought I would get the bike out for the first time this year, all dressed in my fancy new gear 😍🚲… but that went tits up preeeeetty quickly…. I pulled my bike out of the garage, gave it a spanking clean, oiled up the chain and pumped up the tyres….

0.4 miles in my bike ride…. my bike failed miserably… the gear lever broke and I had a blow out… so one lesson here to learn is… make sure that you look after the equipment you already have before you buy new and exciting toys!!

Here is my Strava map just to show you how pathetic my ride really was πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€­…..

However, the bike is now out of the garage and I will be spending the week maintaining and replacing all the necessary parts!! So keep a look out for the ride of my life… happening soon..


P.s send me some exciting cycling routes in Devon, England, if you have any!!



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