A history voyage with Leo

Today’s peregrination did not go as planned…

Our expedition was supposed to be a tour of the Tintagel island where the statue of King Arthur stands. From here we were going to send you through a portal of time and tell you a few story tales of King Arthur in Tintagel…. but the island was shut for maintenance, so for now, you will have to wait for some old tales, until I can return to this island of history and I can show and tell you the tales as I walk through.

To kickstart your magical beliefs and tall tales, you might like a modern take on the famous King Arthur with a new film that has been released called ‘The Kid Who Would Be King’ ☺️…. maybe that will inspire you until my little venture story arrives …..

The reason this interesting island was closed, was because they are replacing the old bridge with a neoteric one.

Old bridge and new bridge (half built)

You would not believe that they have only been building the new bridge for two days! They are seriously putting in the work to get this bridge up and running.

If you would like to read up on this new lease of life check out the following link.

However all was not lost… myself and Master Leo picked up The South West Coastal Path and strolled along the cliff edge and enjoyed the island from a distance as well as enjoying the off road trails around the castle itself.

As you can tell Master Leo wasn’t interested in fairy tales, or my disappointment that I couldn’t complete my idea, all he was interested in was exploring the hidden wilderness!

We parked at Glebe cliff national trust car park, this is is a free car park and has access to the coastal path from both ends.

From here we walked along the path towards Tintagel castle, passing the island and walking down towards the old bridge entrance.

Even though sadly we couldn’t explore the ancient tales, we did manage to see Merlin’s cave!

Merlin’s cave can only be accessed at low tide, you are then able to walk all the way through the island onto the other side. But again we were unable to do this as the bridge being built meant that most of this area is cordoned off… so my magical day dreams will just have to wait πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ…

We then continued along the coastal path and looped around the castle and back to the car. It wasn’t an inspirational adventure but we certainly enjoyed the fresh air and listening to the waves crash below us.

The path from Glebe cliff to Tintagel

South West Coastal Path from the Island to Tintagel castle

Just a word of warning, a lot of this path is uneven, which unfortunately doesn’t make it disabled friendly. But you can park nearer to the castle and still enjoy the grounds in which have paved ground for those that struggle on this terrain.

Just look at that scrumptious face! At least Master Leo got some freedom from the stresses of his hard grafting life πŸ€”!

If you would like to check out The South West Coast Path Map, then follow the link below.

Happy exploring!!


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