24 hours of adventures with Margery Carlin-Dymott

What an exciting 24 hours it has been! I knew I was going to endure the trip to Saint Michael's Mount on this sunny Sunday but little did I know that my trustee sidekick Marge was going to join me 🤭🤭.... While I spent 8 whole hours breaking a sweat at work trying to find … Continue reading 24 hours of adventures with Margery Carlin-Dymott


Who the hell is this?!

​I was going to title this first personal blog of mine ‘what’s my name, bitch?’ But I thought that might be slightly inappropriate to say the least 🤣.... But ‘bitch’ my name is Natalie and I am a Mechanical engineer living in the coastal city of Plymouth in Devon. I am currently studying a foundation degree … Continue reading Who the hell is this?!

The beginning.:.

Hello fellow adventure seekers.... Today I figured that I should start a new venture... one that makes myself and others feel free and spirited by sharing my experiences from my travels:. This blog will give others advice or simply a new and exciting opportunity to get out and live in today... so thank you for … Continue reading The beginning.:.