Welcome back!

Long time no speak!

Well what can I say, some of you may know my story from my first blog post, so here it is in short…

On Dec 27th 2018, I lost my best friend and my soul mate. His name was Hatton and he was the most docile Staffordshire bull terrier you could meet. However due to age and complications, it was time to say goodbye.

Enjoying the salty air in Dawlish

That is when my blog began.. I needed to fill a hole that was getting bigger every day that I was without my adventure buddy. So I poured my energy into seeing the world and it’s charm through the eyes of borrowed puppy’s.

Grief is a funny thing. Everyone tells you how you should get over it and that everything will be ok. Well, the everything will be ok part was right… but honestly, everyone is different and deals with grief in different ways, the only way to get over the hurdle is to figure out your own feelings and explore ways that make you happy.

My get up and go niche was to accept a new job in Germany… and well I love a challenge but this was a whole new level… it was hard! But that didn’t mean I quit, I just kept going, figuring out the language, the lifestyle and the completely different area of work.

After a year and 3 months I am here, alive, still have a small hole that will probably never go but I found love and happiness (unexpected!) but I also had some of the hardest times I have ever endured… but that is all for another day.

Before I go… my little trick for bad days was… grab your favorite beer or whiskey and if you don’t drink alcohol then grab a good ol’ cup of joe. Now close your eyes.. and check out this song… Bad liar by the imagine dragons. Ok so don’t listen to the words as they are irrelevant but listen to the beat and his voice. I figured out a lot of answers to that song and hopefully you can too or another song that has power.

Welcome to Germany.. Nat


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