Mykonos the land of paradise

Mykonos is the party island of the Cyclades. Where bodies line the beaches by day and bass lines pounding through its clubs by night.

This island works 24 hours a day (including shops!) when the island isn’t lockdown due to the novel Covid19 virus.

However, there is more to Mykonos than the sensational sands, extravagant super yachts and glamorous stars.

We spent a little time to discover the quiet charm of ‘hora’, the old town of Mykonos. We traveled along the back country roads on a quad bike where the sun tickled our skins, the wind opened our senses to the exquisite dining and we embraced our youth running through the maze like streets.

The sun setting over Ornos

If you are not a fan of quad bikes or scooters then this island may be a struggle for you. (Unless you like hot hikes!)

There is a total of 35 taxi’s on this island and the chances of catching one is slim to none, during the day that is as they line the airport boulevard awaiting the islands newest pawns.

But by night there is specific taxi ranks by all the main attractions, we found the maximum waiting time to be about 45 minutes, bearing in mind we arrived in Mykonos during Covid19 life and so this may vary as the island was by far quiet. But for us, it was much more safer than driving our quad bike back after a few beverages like most of the adventure seeking youths.. so just be aware.

Quad bikes and scooters lining the streets of Mykonos

The other option is to hire a car or for most of the prestigious males, an open top Jeep. This makes sightseeing easier when you want to go to the other side of the island, because well… our quad didn’t quite make it up the bigger hills. But this option can be a struggle, the streets a very small, and car parking is very hard to find near the town centers or main attractions, so again you will have to walk a small distance with a car hire, where as quad bikes and scooters line the edges of towns and roads with ease, plus who wouldn’t want to enjoy the wind whistling through your ears and breathe in the salty air….

Living the lavish life in an open top jeep

Beach life

Whether your looking for a tiny secluded cove with quiet eateries or a wide stretch of golden covered sands and bass music to fill your soul with an ice cold glass of the most expensive champagne in the world, then there is a beach to suit your every fancy.

This island has over 25 beaches, and they are all very well looked after and catered because let’s face it.. the island is renowned to host footballers wives and celebrities that enjoy sipping on champagne and soaking up the rays.

If your a raging party animal then paradise or super paradise is your calling, These beaches are dominated by prime clubs.

I found after reading other travel reviews, Paraga and psarou were among the favorite day beaches but as a homerotic female I have to say, my favorite was ‘Jackie O’ beach club and restaurant on paradise beach. Jackie O’ offers world renowned cocktail’s, drag shows offered in chic and a LGBTQ+ friendly spot with a pool. But just a word of warning! Make sure you book a sun lounger or table in advance! This can be done online with ease.

My first time here at Jackie O’ was an experience to say the least, the conversation started (me) ‘good morning sir, I was wondering if we could have two loungers by the waterfall?’

(Steward) ‘good morning miss, what name did you use on your booking ’

(Me) ‘ ughhh… sorry I didn’t realise I had to book’.

(Steward) ‘chuckles under breathe.. I am really sorry we are booked up until next week.. we are very popular, however I suggest you walk through and down onto the beach, maybe one of our personnel can find you a spot by the sea but that’s the best we can do’….

So we walked through the bar… around the crystal clear pool, past the restaurant serving divine food, and past the dazzling waterfall (heart breaking) to get to the stairs that lead to the golden beaches… now, yes we didn’t exactly plan well, but I can honestly say the beach, the service and the sights were to die for.. so please make sure you experience the shows and the charm of this place by booking in advance.

Jackie O’ beach bar and restaurant view over the sea

On the north coast, panormos and Agios sostice get a fraction of the tourism and have a more calming nature, there is also areas where naturists can find a little peaceful spot to read their crime novels and adventure magazines, another quiet beach is ornos, we stayed within a 10 minute walk from here, and the water was calm, not much wind due to the high mountains on either side but this place offered rows of striking restaurants along the beach front. We actually enjoyed a evening dinner here, and layed on the beach with a bottle of wine, listening to the waves creep up closer and watched the stars shoot by (we actually saw a shooting star!)

Enjoying the crystal clear waters

Other attractions

The second biggest place to visit other than the beaches is ‘Hora’ the old town of Mykonos, you can really lose yourself for hours walking along the tiny streets, with enchanting shops, tiny churches, restaurants and local boutiques. If you love art then this is your dime, and after a fun filled morning you can enjoy lunch at little Venice. This stunning array of restaurants sit on the edge of the water with local sea food and local Greek dishes, it is honestly the most picture perfect lunch we have had to date, plus the restaurant owners certainly know how to dazzle your senses.

The elegant streets of ‘Hora’

There is so much to this island that you will not want to go back to your normal lifestyle. As a middle class couple, working 9-5 Monday to Friday we thought, if we are going to visit one of the most beautiful Greek isles then we definitely have to spend the day on a yacht and sails the seas over wine, swimming and some local home cooked food. And that’s exactly what we did, we felt like we had won the lottery and of course met some high class travelers along the way, listening to their story and thinking wow… I feel like I have lived another life.

Visiting new islands by yacht

So if you visit this island, feel the vibe, drink local wines, dance on the piers and try all the water sports that are in offer because you will not regret a single minute.

This island has stolen our hearts and we will soon return to visit other areas of the island that we didn’t get a chance to see. So if you have any suggestions of the best places to visit let me know your stories and best recommendations

Hippie fish beach restaurant
Enjoying a morning dip at our hotel in ornos

Recommended places

Hippie fish beach bar and restaurant – good service, chilled vibes and amazing food sand cocktails.

Zanni Pittaraki – amazing food, incredible wines and a romantic vibe that will blow you off your feet.

Jackie O’ beach bar and restaurant- treated like a queen/king, friendly staff, energetic shoes and food from out of this world.

Babylon bar – amazing friendly staff, talked most nights and gave us suggestions for the following day, brilliant cocktails and local Greek beers, and a chilled environment where you can sip cocktails and watch the waves all night.

Kuzina Mykonos- Super enticing beach bar with crisp house wine, comfy sofas and a magnificent all day DJ playing the perfect mix of summer beach beats .

180 degree sunset bar – the title says it all, one of the most famous sunset spots of Mykonos, with exotic cocktails and mind blowing views. However you should book well in advance, this place books up super quick!

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta

Natalie and Summer


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